Members of the loose knit hacker collective Anonymous have published a spreadsheet that claims to contain personal information on more than 4,000 US bank executives as part of an ongoing campaign called Operation Last Resort. The group’s latest efforts are designed to provoke computer crime law reform following the suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz last month.

Anonymous reportedly hacked into the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center’s website over the weekend and used the site to host the spreadsheet. The document in question contains the names, phone numbers, computer login credentials and IP addresses of bank executives across the country. ZDNet says the names in the dump match those of current executives at community banks and credit unions.

According to a post from the Twitter account for Operation Last Resort, the credentials in question were obtained from Federal Reserve computers. When contacted for comment by the Huffington Post, a spokesperson refused to comment on the group’s claims nor would they confirm if a statement was forthcoming.

As Gizmodo points out, Operation Last Resort surfaced last month but up to this point, the group hadn’t acted on any of their threats. Anonymous as a whole, however, has been pretty successful as of late. The group was able to overtake MIT websites in memory of Swartz and on a more humorous note, let web surfers blast US government websites via a game of Asteroids using a Nyan Cat spaceship.