Independent game developer Zombie Studios officially announced their next big project called Daylight during the DICE summit last week. So far, so good, but the really interesting side of the story is that Daylight will use Epic's Unreal Engine 4 and leverage the engine's dynamic lighting and blueprint features that allow for procedurally-generated world maps.

In other words, different gamers will see a different world environment, and according to Zombie, this will also encourage users to replay to discover more of the game's story.

Daylight is a horror game first and foremost. The player is dropped into a dark asylum that is more like a giant in-door puzzle. No combat will be involved, but users will have to run away from phantoms, using only a cell phone to light the darkest corridors and to aid you in navigating the building.

If parts of this remind you of Minecraft - even though this is not a sandbox by any means - it's no coincidence. Creative designer, Jared Gerritzen referred to the changing game world as the next-generation of gaming.

Zombie is aiming to make of Daylight a successful series by launching the game this year, charging "$20 or less" for it, and anticipating the entire playthrough will take no more than 30 minutes to most gamers (sans repetition). Subsequent episodes are planned, we assume depending on how well the first episode is received during 2013.