Apple released yesterday a supplemental update to iOS 6.1 which claims to resolve potential cellular issues for iPhone 4S owners. iOS 6.1.1 comes with only a single bullet point in its release notes:  "This update fixes an issue that could impact cellular performance and reliability for iPhone 4S."

Cnet notes that only iPhone 4S owners are seeing the iOS update. Apple appears to be ignoring cellular-equipped iPads and other iPhone models when it comes to pushing out 6.1.1.

With the release of iOS 6.1, Apple introduced broader 4G LTE compatibility to iPhone 5 owners – ostensibly the defining feature of 6.1. Is it possible then, that those 4G-related tweaks brought some unforeseen consequences to the iPhone 4S?

Finding complaints holding iOS 6.1 culpable for a recent rash of iPhone 4S reception issues is a simple task. As with all iOS release notes though, the included details are neither detailed nor complete, so a deeper understanding will likely remain hidden. All iPhone 4S owners need to know is installing iOS 6.1.1 is paramount.

One carrier, Vodafone UK, warned its customers against installing iOS 6.1. Vodafone explained that the update was negatively impacting 3G performance on its network, resulting in difficulties connecting to the Internet, texting and even calling. Vodafone UK customers have since received the green light to install Apple's iterative 6.1.1 patch.

iOS 6.x saw record numbers of jailbreakers following the release of evasi0n earlier this month. Cydia fans will likely be relieved to know the latest version of evasi0n works under iOS 6.1.1.