Sony Electronics president and COO Phil Molyneux recently shed some more light on the notion that the PlayStation 4 will be able to support 4K ultra-high definition content. The executive said we will not be disappointed when asked if Sony's upcoming 4K movie download service would be coming to the PS4 during a recent interview with The Verge in New York.

Here's what we know at this point. Late last year Sony's Ray Hartjen revealed the fact that the XBR-84X900 Ultra HDTV set will include the world's first 4K Ultra HD delivery solution. That service was showcased during CES where we were told it will be launching in the US sometime this summer.

Fast-forward to the PS4 unveiling just last month where, in the days following the reveal, we learned that the console will support media output resolution at 4K for photos and videos but not games.

Talking specifically about the 4K video service, Molyneux said the size of a typical movie download could be 100GB or more. Another key factor that comes into play is the speed of your broadband connection which is described as one of the challenges they have to work though. He noted that they had some really good ideas that will make for a comfortable consumer experience and looking to the future, the industry as a whole needs to look into developing new compression ratios and technologies.

Molyneux said he wasn't discounting the idea of physical 4K distribution but he believes consumers are moving more towards downloads and streaming since they are already used to it.