Detroit Electric, a brand responsible for building electric cars in the early 1900s, has been revived after more than 70 years of inactivity - or as their marketing team would prefer: Recharged, Rebooted, Reborn. The company plans to unveil their first all-electric car in the modern era on April 3 in Detroit.

The new car is described as a high-end, two-seat sports car collectible that many expect will compete directly with the Tesla Roadster. We don't know exactly what the car will look like although a spokesperson for the company once said the external sheet metal will resemble a Lotus Elise.

Albert Lam was responsible for reviving the brand in 2008. He is the former Group CEO of the Lotus Engineering Group and executive director of Lotus Cars in England. As such, it comes as little surprise at the new Detroit Electric sports car would resemble a Lotus. The car may retail for around $135,000, we're told.

Detroit Electric said they expect to be able to churn out some 2,500 vehicles annually. Don Graunstadt, chief executive for North America Operations at Detroit Electric, said they are proud to be the fourth car manufacturer born out of Detroit and the first to create a pure electric sports car from Michigan. He added that they are committed to doing their part to help revive Detroit through innovation, entrepreneurship and determination, or what they like to call "Detroit 2.0."