Google's upcoming augmented reality visor is set to enter production in the coming weeks. What's more, the hardware will be the first from Google to have been manufactured in the US (unless you count the very short lived Nexus Q entertainment player) according to a recent report from the Financial Times.

The publication claims that Google has signed a contract with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., more commonly known as Foxconn - most known for manufacturing Apple's mobile hardware. Multiple components will be sourced from overseas but the final assembly will take place at a facility in Santa Clara, California, unnamed sources said.

Google isn't expected to produce very many devices as part of the initial run which is why it makes sense to have final assembly take place in the US. Furthermore, the close proximity to Google headquarters will allow Google engineers to monitor the progress closely to make sure everything is pulled off without a hitch.

Earlier this week the company began sending out invitations to a select few (around 8,000) that will be allowed to purchase an early model of the headset known as the Explorer Edition for a cool $1,500. It's still unclear when those recipients will be able to pick their orders up but we suspect it won't be too much longer.

As for everyone else, all we know right now is that Google has promised Glass will be available by the end of the year for less than the price early adopers are paying.