Foxconn to build Google Glass in the US, report says

Shawn Knight

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Google’s upcoming augmented reality visor is set to enter production in the coming weeks. What’s more, the hardware will be the first from Google to have been manufactured in the US (unless you count the very short lived Nexus Q...

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Moronic that their even putting money into this. You know it will be banned everywhere as a safety hazard, tool for terrorists, tool for cheating students, etc.

Jad Chaar

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I cant believe Google told people to post why they want this. Then a month later when they chose contestants, boom, $1500 glasses lol.


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I know the people who really want one of these will disagree, but this thing looks pretty awful. And anyone wearing this "Moronic" (Good word psycros) device looks like an even bigger *****. Maybe its just the stupid expression on the peoples face's. Whatever its a niche product for a small market that's going to be limited to where and when they can use it.


"A niche product for a small market". I wouldn't be surprised to find similar sentiments about smartphones made less than a decade ago.


I agree with the Guest above...what's "Moronic" is the first 3 posts.