Intel unveiled the second generation of their speedy Thunderbolt connectivity technology during the National Association of Broadcasters conference yesterday. The next generation interface boasts data rates of 20Gbps in both directions which is double the speed of existing Thunderbolt applications.

Engadget was on hand for the big reveal where Intel first talked up the existing technology before showcasing the new stuff. The chip maker made sure to point out that Thunderbolt has nearly 200 licensees already and that more compatible devices are in the pipeline. What’s more, Intel said new, thinner cables should be available in the coming months.

The new Thunderbolt host controller, codenamed Redwood Ridge, will be built into select fourth generation Core processors. The revision enables 4K video file transfer and display at the same time and will be fully backwards-compatible with current generation cables and connectors – good news if you’ve already invested in the platform.

Thunderbolt technology came about courtesy of a collaboration between Apple and Intel in 2011. Support for the tech is currently available on nearly all of Apple’s computers except the Mac Pro tower and is slowly making its way into PCs as well.

Intel demonstrated the second generation tech for those in attendance, hitting 1,200Mbps transfers with ease. The hot-off-the-press silicon is faster than anything currently on the market, that’s for sure. But unforutunately it’ll still be a while before the general public will be able to realize these speeds. Intel said production is slated to ramp up in 2014.