President Obama and his administration launched an official Tumblr page for the White House earlier today. The presence on Tumblr further bolsters the administration's presence on social media which includes a Facebook account, Twitter account, YouTube channel and a Pinterest page.

The page was first announced on Twitter with the promise of GIFs. In the inaugural post on the White House's Tumblr page, the author noted that great things happen at the White House every day and sharing that stuff with the public is one of the best parts of working there.

The plan with Tumblr is to post things like the best quotes from President Obama, video of young scientists visiting the White House for science fairs or photos of adorable moments with presidential dog Bo. All of this is in addition to some wonky charts, the post noted.

All of that aside, the post points out that the Tumblr page is about the public as Obama is committed to making his administration the most open and accessible in history. To that end, the post invites people to share questions they may have for the White House, stories of what things like immigration means to you or simply ways to improve their Tumblr page.

Given the number of social networks the administration is already a part of, it'll be curious to see how this new outlet plays alongside the others. Will the Tumblr page play host to original content or will it just be the same old regurgitated material found on Facebook and Twitter?