Interested in a fancy new 3D printer but don't know where to start? Just hit the easy button - as in, Staples. That's because the company today became the first major US retailer to start selling a 3D printer. You can now order The Cube by 3D Systems on for around $1,300 or if you'd rather see it in person first, head to your local Staples retail store starting next month.

The Cube is one of a number of 3D printers designed with traditional consumers in mind. Specifically, this unit can print items up to 5.5 inches tall, wide and long in one of 16 different colors. The retail bundle includes 25 free design templates to get users started but the real fun is designing and building something all your own.

Perhaps the most widely known 3D printer is the Replicator 2x from MakerBot. This piece of machinery made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and has since earned a reputation as the go-to device for home 3D printing.

The company recently partnered with open-source Android gaming console maker Ouya to let gamers print custom 3D console cases at home. The $2,800 price tag, however, may be a bit too much for some to stomach which gives products like The Cube an excellent inroad into the market.

Share value in 3D Systems was up four percent following the announcement while Staples stock was up three percent.