Users of Microsoft's latest Windows 8.1 beta (build 9385) have reported that Windows Store apps now silently update themselves without need for user intervention. If you value up-to-dateness but couldn't care less about developer release notes, then this upcoming change may be just for you. It's unknown if the feature can be toggled off and on or whether it will be enabled by default when Windows 8.1 RTM rolls around.

In its current form, Windows 8 simply notifies users of available updates. From there, users must then venture to the Windows Store app where they click an "Updates" link near the upper right-hand corner and manually install their app updates. An "Automatically download updates for my apps" feature does exist (and is enabled by default); however, it does not automatically install updated apps – the option only downloads them.

Currently, between flavors of Windows 8, iOS and Android, Android is the only one which allows fully-automatic, no-questions-asked updates; however, the behavior must be enabled manually. In iOS, automatic app updates are possible, but only on jailbroken devices.

Formerly known as Windows Blue, Windows 8.1 is expected to bring a multitude of enhancements like the return of the Windows Start button, allowing users to disable the Metro Start Screen on login and some much-needed search improvements. Microsoft's well-rumored Windows Blue is purportedly an effort to further refine – and possibly homogenize – the user experience across its wide variety of latest-generation products and services.