Google Glass recently received an injection of third-party app support. It was revealed at the company's I/O conference this week that several third-party apps, or "glassware" as Google prefers to call them, are inbound from the likes of CNN, Elle, Evernote, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. These apps will join ones that are already available from The New York Times and Path.

Unsurprisingly, a number of these new apps are focused on sharing. Glass apps for Facebook and Twitter allow users to share photos snapped using the visor. Facebook users can capture a photo and add it to their Timeline along with a description using voice dictation. Twitter can automatically tag images with "#throughglass" and will alert wearers of mentions, direct messages and other notifications.

On the news front, CNN can provide early adopters with the latest headlines and video clips. Rather than receiving constant notifications of breaking news, the app allows users to designate a specific time of the day to deliver content. With Evernote, users will be able to record text-based notes for later reference which could come in very handy if you don't have your hands free to jot down a memo.

Elle, the first magazine to tackle Glass, is taking the effort seriously. The publication has created an entire team tasked with producing content for the connected device. The app is able to read stories aloud while simultaneously displaying images that accompany each story.

Glass may still have to win over some consumers when it launches next year but thus far, they've had little trouble convincing some major technology players to hop on the augmented reality bandwagon.