Despite all the talk about the "post-PC" era, one man who's not buying into the notion that traditional computers are moving towards their death is Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer. While sales are obviously on the decline, Tan feels that it's not something that has to happen, and it can be prevented with a little help from PC makers.

In an interview with The Verge, Tan said, "We don't think the PC is dying." Instead, he claims the industry is actually hurting due to PC makers dragging their feet when it comes to innovating and taking risks. He points to Razer's own Blade laptop as an example of the kind of products other companies are not making. 

Tan thinks that it's been too long since anyone has been passionate about the PC. "HP's doing a horrible job with it. Dell's doing a horrible job with it. They just don't want to do anything with the PC anymore." He goes on to talk about how HP tried to leave the business, and how Dell claims to be an enterprise company.

While the industry is certainly on the decline, Razer has managed to jump into the market and find a great deal of success with its Blade laptop and Edge tablet. The company isn't disclosing sales numbers, but Tan says they can't build them fast enough to meet demand.

The company just announced a new 14-inch version of its Blade laptop last week, which should look quite familiar to anyone who has spent time with a MacBook Pro. When asked about the similarities in design, Tan responded, "I love Apple products, I think they do an incredible job in terms of industrial design."

In spite of Tan's optimism for the PC market, he readily admits that his company is not making much profit. "Our focus has always been to build great products. We don't have a great profit margin, I'll be candid about it."