Bluestacks is doing a fantastic job getting people talking about its upcoming subscription-based Android console, GamePop. The company just showed off a slew of new games coming to the device, and now, it has announced that it'll be using something called Looking Glass to bring the huge range of iOS games to its console.

Looking Glass is a visualization tool the company built that essentially recreates the iOS API on top of Android. It says that because the software works on this level, it is different than most types of emulation we see. 

According to Bluestacks, everything is built so that iOS game developers do not have to do anything to get their games working on the console. They just need to set up their payment backend to work with GamePop's $6.99 a month subscription plan, and they will be ready to go. 

While GamePop has made plenty of announcements of late, many details still remain unknown. We know it is supposed to ship sometime this winter, but no concrete date has been set.

Also, what their controller will look like remains a mystery. This an important part of any video game system so the company will need to show that soon. And then of course there's the question on whether Apple will be okay with iOS games running on GamePop. Bluestacks says it uses no Apple code, so "it's squeaky clean", but we'll see if the Cupertino-based firm feels the same way when the console hits the market.