The smartwatch that arguably jumpstarted the wearable technology trend will soon be available for purchase at Best Buy. The Kickstarter sensation known as Pebble has landed on Best Buy's website with a "coming soon" tag and if leaked inventory photos prove to be true, the wristwatch should be in stock on July 7.

Two Best Buy employees claim they were recently briefed by management that their retail stores would soon be carrying the smartwatch while one of the employees was able to snap a purported photo of the watch in inventory. It's classified as a digital communication appcessory (no, that isn't a grammar error) which seems to be a rather fitting description.

It's unclear, however, whether or not the device will be sold on Best Buy's website. The inventory system shows a status of "NO" to home delivery despite the fact it's already listed on the company's website with a "free shipping" tag. Perhaps then the website listing is simply a placeholder and it'll direct users to pick up the watch in stores or maybe the inventory listing is simply incorrect.

Either way, the Pebble is priced at $149.99 on Best Buy's website.

It is good news for the smartwatch creator after the product raised more than $10 million on Kickstarter last year. Having your product in a brick and mortar retailer will no doubt increase exposure at a time when the idea of wearable technology is just starting to take root.