Indie game bundles are a favorite among TechSpot regulars as they typically offer a solid collection of titles at a very reasonable price. Most offers are open-ended, meaning it's left up to the buyer to decide how much they want to pay for the bundle.

There's usually a reward (a couple of extra games or DLC packs) for those that shell out more than the average buying price - typically around the $7 mark. The latest bundle from Bundle Stars, however, does away with all of this and lays everything out for one flat rate: five bucks.

A single Abe Lincoln gets you 10 games. At $0.50 a pop, it's hard to go wrong as you'll receive the following titles: Galaxy on Fire 2, Afterfall: InSanity, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, Cargo Commander, Disciples III: Renaissance, The Journey Down, Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise, Dungeons: The Dark Lord, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space and Zeno Clash.

If purchased separately, you'd be shelling out close to $150 for all of the games listed above. Even if you only find a couple of titles that you really enjoy, you're still coming out ahead at only $5.

Once you purchase the bundle, you will receive activation codes via e-mail and in your Bundle Stars account that can be used on Steam. What's more, a portion of your payment will be used to support SpecialEffect, a UK charity that uses technology and video games to help those with disabilities.