The latest edition of Humble Bundle is now live and includes several great indie games. Humble Bundle 8 allows buyers to pay what they want for a bundle of games – which in this case is five – then determine how the funds are distributed.

Titles in this bundle include Little Inferno, Thomas Was Alone, Capsized, Dear Ester and Awesomenauts. Anyone that pays over the current average selling price - $5.69 as of writing – will receive two bonus games for their generosity: Hotline Miami and Proteus.

Naturally, all games are DRM free and work across multiple platforms but the cool thing is that you get to decide how your money is distributed. When you place an order, there’s a slider bar to donate X amount to developers, X amount to charity and X amount directly to Humble Bundle, Inc. to help with bandwidth and hosting costs.

Broken down further, there are individual slider bars for each of the seven game developers. In the same respect, buyers can elect to donate some or all of their payment to one of two charities: the Electronic Frontier Foundation or Child’s Play Charity.

As of writing, more than 70,000 bundles have been sold with 14 days left in the sale. If you’re in the market for some cool new games, want to help out indie developers and charities at the same time, be sure to head over and check out the latest bundle.