Superfly Indie bundle includes 10 games for just five bucks

Shawn Knight

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Indie game bundles are a favorite among TechSpot regulars as they typically offer a solid collection of titles at a very reasonable price. Most offers are open-ended, meaning it’s left up to the buyer to decide how much they want...

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Bought it, I am hoping the games are all good ones cause I haven't heard of a single title. Im also taking St1ckm4n's word that Zeno Clash is good.


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Well, unsure if good (never played :p), but it's $10 on Steam! I've been looking at it for a while.


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I've heard Zeno Clash is pretty good as well though I've never played it either. ZC2 came out recently and I saw a rabid following get all worked up about it. I'll install ZC one day and give it a look-see.


10 games for 5 bucks? Even if they all suck, I'd buy them just because they cost less than a trip to a drive thru.

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