Apple's first refresh of the iPad mini is expected in the not-too-distant future and thanks to some recently discovered code hidden in the newest beta of iOS 7, we now have a better understanding of what Cupertino is working with.

For starters, there will likely be three revisions of the second generation iPad mini: iPad "2,8," iPad "2,9," and iPad "2,10" with respective code names J75, J76, and J77. These part numbers suggest an iPad mini with Wi-Fi only and two others with carrier-backed wireless radios. For reference, the existing iPad mini uses codes iPad "2,5," iPad "2,6," and iPad "2,7."

Inside is an updated processor with platform code s5l8950x, otherwise known as the A6 chip found in the iPhone 5. This CPU should give the mini slate a marked boost in overall performance compared to the A5-based chip in the current model. Those hoping for a Retina display appear to be out of luck as all signs suggest new models will use the same screen as the current mini.

Of course, keep in mind that these are simply references to products that Apple is currently testing. As with a number of products from various manufacturers, not everything that gets tested makes it to market. As such, it's entirely plausible based on other rumors, consumer demand and pressure from the competition that Apple could postpone an iPad mini refresh until a Retina model is ready for production.