A new survey conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has revealed an interesting statistic: Apple gains three times more customers from Samsung than Samsung does from Apple. The study, which looked into the buying habits and demographics of people who purchased a new smartphone in the past 90 days, also indicates that iPhone buyers are more educated and have higher incomes.

On a broad scale, taking into account all smartphone purchases, 7% of Samsung phone buyers previously owned an iPhone, while 20% of iPhone buyers previously owned an Android device. Looking just at those customers switching phone brand, 33% of Apple's customers switched specifically from a Samsung phone, while just 11% of Samsung's customers switched from an iPhone.

Between July 2012 and June 2013, 42% of Apple's customers were upgrading from another iPhone, and 43% of Samsung buyers were upgrading from a previous Android device (although not necessarily a Samsung one). 37% of customers purchasing a Samsung device were first-time smartphone buyers, compared to 26% for Apple devices.

Looking at the demographic data provided, it appears that nearly 70% of iPhone buyers surveyed earned over $50,000 per year, while just 55% of Samsung phone buyers fit into that category. The data also showed that nearly half of Apple customers claimed they had at least a college degree, while only 30% of Samsung customers had the same level of education.