Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One could be produced in white to go along with the black console if a recent leaked screenshot is to be believed. But before you get too excited, the white Xbox One appears to be limited (at least initially) to Microsoft employees.

The image first surfaced on Reddit where the original poster said the image was sourced from a friend that works at Microsoft. The OP goes on to suggest full-time employees will be the only ones to have access to the white console, a sentiment that’s echoed in several different places.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed a small bit of text on the front bezel of the console. It read “I MADE THIS” followed by smaller text that looks like “launch team” with the last word being too small to make out. There’s also a sentence at the bottom of the screenshot that mentions availability to employees still working at Microsoft at the time of launch.

In addition to the console, employees will be given a one year subscription to Xbox Live, all single-player games and a special achievement – all for free on launch day. Not a bad way to reward staffers, I’d say.

This white Xbox One looks very similar to a dev console that hit the web last month, without the custom text and whatnot. Keep in mind of course that neither of these images have been confirmed but it’s certainly looking like a white Xbox One is at least possible.