Yahoo on Thursday unveiled its new logo after a month-long campaign that showed a new variant each day leading up to the big reveal. The new logo, which is already in place on Yahoo's main page, retains many of the same characteristics as the one it replaces but with a modern splash.

As you can see, the logo is still purple although it's now a shade or two darker. The familiar uppercase lettering is still in place as is the signature exclamation point which dances around briefly before settling into place following a page refresh. There's a new sans-serif typeface in use that Yahoo created specifically for the logo and there's now a slight beveled effect to the lettering.

In a Tumblr post on the subject, CEO Marissa Mayer said they wanted a logo that reflected Yahoo - whimsical, yet sophisticated. Something that was modern and fresh, with a nod to the company's history. It needed to have a human touch, personal. The end result is something they are proud of, she suggested.

Yahoo successfully managed to turn a simple logo change into a worldwide marketing effort thanks to their 30 days of change campaign. Each day for the past month, the company has released a new logo leading up to the final selection. They even went as far as to use the daily logo on their main page - some of which were rather unusual compared to the overall winner.