Yahoo updates logo for the first time in nearly 20 years

Shawn Knight

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Yahoo on Thursday unveiled its new logo after a month-long campaign that showed a new variant each day leading up to the big reveal. The new logo, which is already in place on Yahoo’s main page, retains many of the...

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wow this logo change makes me think about the Gmail blue April fool!

I cant even tell the difference and it most likely cost them MILLION$$$$

Jad Chaar

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I like it. I definitely like the playfulness of the old logo, but the new one is simpler. They have to lose the Yahoooooo! at the end though... it doesnt work anymore.


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I wish they would back date their portal. My dad has nightmares with their
"new" style they ported a few months ago. So did his neighbor.
I had to switch them to gmail, which so far, they seem to like better.


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Cant see the difference... and whats the new one? the one on top?
they should have use "comic sans" or "times new roman" to make a difference :|