Update (9/22): During the weekend Apple TV users have been reporting that the latest 6.0 update is bricking devices. Although the issue is not happening to everyone, with many users able to successfully update and enjoy the newly added features post-upgrade, Apple has decided not to risk it further and has pulled the update from the automated Software Update. Users with bricked Apple TVs will be forced to connect their devices to a computer and restore from iTunes, a process Apple has tried to skip altogether in more recent versions of its iDevices.

The original story follows below:

Apple has released a software update for their Apple TV set-top box that delivers a number of new features and services. Chief among them is iTunes Radio, the streaming music service that debuted alongside iOS 7 a couple of days ago.

Other new features include AirPlay from iCloud, iCloud Photos and Videos which replaces Photo Stream, iTunes Music Store and conference room mode. AirPlay from iCloud works much like Google's Chromecast in that it allows users to utilize iOS devices to play videos from iTunes in the Cloud. In other words, content will be streamed directly to Apple TV rather than going through your iOS device.

iCloud Photos and Videos allows users to view media that has been added to a shared photo stream on their television. Podcasts are now also available via the set-top box with the ability to sync playlists and favorite stations between the box and other iOS devices.

iTunes Music Store support now permits Apple TV owners to browse music downloads, purchase tracks and play them directly through the set-top box.

This isn't the last we will be hearing about Apple TV this year as a hardware refresh is also expected in the coming weeks. A refresh was expected by many on September 18 but obviously that never came to light. It's unclear whether sources had the wrong date or perhaps Apple decided to postpone the refresh due to server issues experienced when millions of people pinged Cupertino to download iOS 7 on Wednesday.