It's getting awfully lonely for Microsoft's Windows RT as Dell's XPS 10 tablet is no longer available from the company's website. Dell joins a host of others including Asus, Lenovo and Samsung that have all bailed on Windows RT in recent memory. The decision leaves Microsoft as the only company left selling a Windows RT-based tablet.

Dell will be hosting a media event on October 2 in New York where they plan to announce a new wave of tablets. PCWorld said the company didn't comment on if a new Windows RT 8.1 tablet would be among those unveiled but they did show off an 8-inch device called the Venue that runs Windows 8 powered by an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor.

It's worth mentioning that Dell's event will take place a few weeks before Microsoft plans to release Windows 8.1 RT as a free download on October 18. At this point, the only confirmed Windows 8.1 RT tablet is Microsoft's own Surface 2 which was unveiled earlier this week alongside the Haswell-powered Surface Pro 2.

Other big players like Asus, Lenovo and Samsung have announced new Windows 8.1 hybrids powered by Intel chips but it's unclear if they are also planning ARM-based machines running RT. As Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates put it, companies typically don't stop selling products that are doing well especially before a new product comes out. The discontinuation of the XPS 10 is likely just the latest RT failure.