Mozilla is working on a Chromecast-like mirroring feature in Firefox. We first caught wind of the test when Mozilla employee Mark Finkle posted an image of what he described as tab mirroring from Firefox to Roku via a Nexus 4.

Mozilla has since confirmed the authenticity of the photo with Engadget. In a message to the publication, the company said they are conducting some experiments around second-screen support with a number of devices. They noted it was just at an investigation stage and they have nothing solid to announce at this time.

It's unclear if Mozilla is planning to use the functionality the same way Google does with Chromecast but that's certainly what it looks like. And as we all know, any competition in the marketplace is welcomed as it helps drive innovation and lower prices.

Google first unveiled Chromecast alongside Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7 back in July. The USB flash drive-sized device connects to a spare HDMI port on the back of your television and allows you to push content from your phone, tablet or notebook directly to your TV.

The $35 gadget quickly sold out and earned favorable reviews around the web. A number of mods soon surfaced but it would seem that Google wants to keep Chromecast under lock and chain as evident by a software update last month that blocked local video playback support. With any luck, Mozilla's eventual solution or something from another company will be a bit more flexible in terms of functionality.