Market research company J.D. Power conducted a study on tablet user satisfaction between the months of March and August this year, discovering that tablet owners are marginally more satisfied with Samsung's tablets than Apple's iPads.

On a 1000 point scale - which takes into account tablet performance, ease of use, design, features and price - Samsung scored 835 for customer satisfaction, beating Apple (which scored 833) and Amazon (which scored 826). The overall customer satisfaction with tablets across all brands was scored at 821.

J.D. Power also reports that Samsung was the only company to improve across all five aforementioned factors, especially when it comes to the price of their tablets, which saw a 25-point increase in satisfaction. However, the report notes that people are the most satisfied with the performance and ease of operation of iPads, which should come as no surprise.

Despite the majority of people buying their tablets in a physical store, people who used an online retailer were generally happier with their purchasing experience and the price of their device. Customers who reported a high satisfaction in the purchasing procedure were also significantly happier with the tablet itself.

If you happen to recommend certain tablets to family members and friends, it's worth noting that 50% of consumers rely on recommendations when making a purchasing decision, as well as brand reputation and the manufacturer's website.