With so many options out there for external storage, I find it hard to settle on a single solution as well as on which is the most convenient. Lately, I feel as though I have everything split up between free online/cloud services like Google Drive, annoying folders on my internal drives and lastly, on desktop/portable hard drives.

I have been tempted by the free online storage offers we see quite often, and although I would consider moving over completely to a paid online storage solution, I still find it more convenient to keep a desktop drive (or two) for images, movies and Logic/Pro Tools sessions. Personally, I like the LaCie options and although they are overpriced, the dependability of the G-Drive ends up warranting the bloated asking price. I have also considered moving over to a NAS solution like those from Synology, but for some reason network options still seem like too much for me.

So for this week's open forum, we're wondering what your thoughts on the state of external storage options are these days. What are some of your favorite drives and do you prefer a purely cloud based storage system over hardware?