Yesterday belonged to MOGA as they unveiled the first iPhone / iPod touch gamepad with full iOS 7 support but today, Logitech is taking their shot with the PowerShell game controller. Much like the Ace Power, the PowerShell is compatible with the iPhone 5 / 5c / 5s and the fifth generation iPod touch and includes an integrated battery to keep your device juiced during gameplay.

At first glance, the PowerShell looks an awfully lot like the Ace Power but there are several subtle and key differences. For starters, the integrated battery is a bit smaller in Logitech’s offering at 1,500mAh versus the 1,800mAh power pack in the Ace Power. It still functions the same, however, allowing you to charge your device as you play.

The Logitech controller connects via the Lightning port as does the MOGA accessory but in terms of actual controls, the PowerShell is missing the dual analog sticks. Whether or not the analog sticks will actually be useful for mobile gaming has yet to be determined although they’ve proven incredibly useful on consoles over the years.

The Logitech PowerShell is priced identically to the Ace Power at $99.99 so it’ll ultimately come down to which configuration / layout / brand you prefer. It’s available as of writing from Best Buy and is expected to hit the Apple Online Store today as well with a broader release slated for sometime next month.

Do you think these controllers will be a hit or are they little more than the next fad in mobile gaming?