Microsoft's next generation console got off to a solid start over the weekend but the launch is in danger of being marred by a hardware issue. Some users have reported an issue with the Xbox One's disc drive in which it makes a very loud grinding noise when inserting a disc and in some cases, it won't read the contents of a disc at all.

Kotaku received around 150 e-mails in two days from disgruntled gamers affected by the problem. Microsoft has since released a statement on the matter, saying the issue affects only a very small number of Xbox One customers. Redmond noted they are working directly with those affected to get a replacement console out to them as soon as possible through their advanced exchange program.

Sony also received some complains following the launch of the PlayStation 4 on November 15. Users hit the web to report a technical issue in which a blue light would continually flash on the front of the console which prevented users from playing. Sony issued a troubleshooting guide in response to the complaints that outlines a number of causes and fixes for those affected by the problem.

With any luck, Microsoft's disc drive issue will be an isolated event instead of a major quality control issue. The latter unfolded with early Xbox 360 units in which faulty hardware would cause three red lights to illuminate on the front of the machine known as the "red ring of death."