Gamers affected by a faulty Xbox One disc drive won't be left out in the cold while waiting for their replacement. That's because Microsoft is offering said gamers a free title via digital download for their troubles according to e-mails from Xbox support representatives as first reported by Polygon.

One e-mail the publication received indicated the customer in question would be able to choose between one of four launch titles: Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome or Zoo Tycoon. Because they are downloadable titles, those with faulty disc drives will still be able to play them until their replacement console arrives.

Microsoft corroborated the reports in a statement, saying they wanted to ensure their advance exchange customers can stay in the game with the free digital download of one of their launch titles.

Reports of issues with the Xbox One starting hitting the web soon after the console was released last Friday. A small number of users (by Microsoft's claim) are experiencing an issue where the Xbox One's disc drive makes a loud grinding noise when inserting a disc. In some instances, the machine is unable to read the disc which effectively renders it useless for playing physical titles.

Microsoft released a statement saying they were working directly with gamers affected by the problem to get a replacement console shipped out as soon as possible using the aforementioned advance exchange program.