The Humble Store has shifted once more, serving up a new batch of gaming goodies for its weekly sale. On the docket this time around are six solid titles from Atlus, Ace Team, and Tripwire Interactive. Using their pay-what-you-can plan will give you access to Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash II, Killing Floor, and Dwarfs?!. If you can manage to meet the "average" spent and toss out at least $6.00, you'll unlock two more games, Rock of Ages and Rising Storm.

All of these titles received a score of at least 70/100 in the Techspot Product Finder, with the exceptions of Zeno Clash 2 64 and Dwarfs?!. But honestly, the zombie-riot Killing Floor by itself is worth more than the pocket change you'll have to produce if you want to grab all these titles. Remember too that all of your hard earned money spent is heading towards the American Red Cross and Child's Play Charity. It is the season of giving, and this is definitely a great way for a gamer to help out those in need this holiday.

You have six days to get your hands on this package, and you still have around four days to grab the Humble Jumbo Bundle if you missed out earlier this month.