Back in March during Samsung’s press event for the Galaxy S4, the tech giant also showcased a Bluetooth gaming controller for Android devices. Nine months later, we’re finally seeing the official introduction of that product which is now called the Smartphone GamePad.

The original device borrowed heavily from Microsoft’s Xbox controller but the current revision looks nothing like it. Perhaps that explains why it took close to a year to get the controller ready for release, but I digress.

The Smartphone GamePad features an all-black color scheme with metallic accents. The face consists of two concave analog sticks, an 8-way directional pad, four action buttons labeled with dots and a play button in the center. Along the bottom edge of the GamePad is the Bluetooth switch and the start and select buttons while the top edge is home to dual triggers.

Retractable arms can accommodate smartphones with screen sizes up to 6.3 inches. Gamers will need to have Android 4.1 or newer to use the controller, we’re told.

In related news, Samsung is also launching a Mobile Console app which will round up which games are compatible with the controller to facilitate browsing and purchasing. At launch, there will be 35 games although Samsung sends word there will be much more to come over the course of 2014.

The Smartphone GamePad is reportedly available in some parts of Europe as of writing although oddly enough, the company declined to provide pricing or information as to when we will see a global rollout.