Earlier this month we reported about the beta version of the AllCast Android app that lets you stream content from a mobile device to your TV or set-top box. The app is now out of beta and the full version is now available on Google Play Store. Compatible with Android 4.0 and up, AllCast currently supports popular media hubs including Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, and Xbox (360 and One), DLNA-capable devices and many Samsung and Panasonic smart TVs.

The application does not support Google's Chromecast dongle yet, which isn't surprising because the search giant has yet to release the public API for third-party streaming and has also plugged in all the loopholes that were exploited earlier to achieve the feat.

According to the Android Police, AllCast still has some rough edges that need to be polished. For example, there is no way to queue up a playlist, the streaming device has to be re-selected whenever the screen is rotated, and more.

The application has a free version that is almost unusable (ads and a 1 minute limit), and a premium version that will set you back $5 which is probably worth it. Currently streaming support is limited to photos and videos, but according to the app's developer Koushik Dutta, support for music will be added soon.