Plex provides users with a complete media hub, along with a number of other content and sharing related features. The service has evolved over the past few years to focus more on cloud based services, and has now launched a brand new site design that brings all of its features together into a much more intuitive and organized experience.

Now sitting at, the redesign offers a much more streamlined approach to all of the different Plex features. Before today, there were four separate areas for the service, the site itself,  Plex Pass downloads, myPlex and Plex/Web access. The company felt that this "seemed like three places too many," and has now unified the service under the new domain name.

Users will no longer need to sign in three times for complete access, and even more notably, the full Chromecast support that was recently announced is accessible via a handy cast button you'll find in the top right corner. Beyond that, users will find a much "faster and prettier" UI all around and a new help center.

Plex also says there are still new features that haven't been implemented as of yet like the "blog skin, forum skin," and "support skin" along with other things. You can check out the new unified Plex service at now.