The world was introduced to the idea of motion and gesture controlled gaming as a mainstream trend when Nintendo launched the Wii. Microsoft picked up the idea from there and introduced the Kinect, and now we have an updated version of the Kinect which offers much better motion capture and control than its predecessor. Still, there are those that aim to prove that gesture-based entertainment can be perfected.

At this year's CES, we're seeing another company take a shot at cracking the gesture-control code, with the PrioVR, a “suit system” that promises to bring unparalleled motion-control to the world of video games.

The PrioVR system will be available in both full- and half-body versions, and will use a combination of “wearable tech” and hand-held peripherals to create an experience that captures your game-based motions with great accuracy. Developers are planning to take their creation to Kickstarter on February 14th, with no word on a proposed funding goal. The half-body suit should sell for around $270, while the full-body suit will sit somewhere “below $400,” according to the company.

This type of technology, when paired with something like the Oculus Rift, could create an incredibly immersive gaming experience. Although, one has to question how much space is required to use the PrioVR. The video above does showcase some very accurate movement and gesture control, but the individuals involved in the video are moving fairly large distances, in some cases, when interacting with the device.

Could this work in small spaces like apartments? We have already seen the introduction of the Virtuix Omni, a “gaming treadmill” that allows movement within games thanks to a “conveyor.” Perhaps the real key is to use all three aforementioned devices together.

Anyone interested in the world of motion control and virtual reality will definitely want to keep an eye on this product as it moves into the Kickstarter phase of development. According to the company, the PrioVR system is currently being developed for use on PC, but the group is hopeful to bring it to consoles as well.