For crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, 2013 was a banner year. In total, a full three million people pledged $480 million to help bring some insanely creative and awesome projects to life. Broken down further, that is more than $1.3 million pledged per day or about $913 per minute - not bad!

In a post on the subject, Kickstarter revealed that donations poured in from 214 different countries and territories around the globe en route to the company's best year ever. All said and done, 19,911 projects were funded over the course of the year while thousands more actually launched.

We're told that 807,733 people backed more than one project while 81,090 supported 10 or more and 975 people backed more than 100 different projects. To put it all into perspective, Kickstarter in 2012 saw 2.2 million people pledge around $320 million with 18,109 projects being successfully funded.

Some of the more popular projects that were either funded or launched last year include the Oculus Rift, the Pebble smartwatch and the Android-based Ouya gaming console. Just these three projects alone have either already had a tremendous impact on their respective markets or likely will do so in the coming years (here's looking at you, Oculus).

This year looks to be even more promising for the crowdfunding platform. With five years under its belt, the site has earned a solid reputation which will no doubt encourage more apprehensive individuals to open their wallets without feeling like they might get ripped off.