As Google prepares for the next phase of its Google Glass launch, third party accessory developers are also readying their add-ons. As the first order-able pair of prescription glasses and adapters specifically designed for Google Glass debuted earlier this week from designer OpticsPlanet, the search giant has made the brand guidelines for its high-tech spectacles much more accessible on the Glass dev site.

Google, like many companies, is trying to retain a sense of control over the way its new wearable is treated by add-on makers and others in terms of its branding and marketing.

One such example is that Google wants the "G" in Glass to always be capitalized and that the term is never possessive or plural. So any use of grammatical variations like "Glasses" or "Glass's" won't fly with Google. It seems like all pretty standard stuff for the most part, similar to Apple ditching "the" before its iPhone, iPad and iPod products.

Other guidelines pertain to the name of a company or product that develops software for Google Glass. The guideline page says it should never have the word "Glass" in its name, for example "Glass Cat Facts" or "Glassy Cat Photos" both wont work, but "Cat Facts for Glass" will do just fine. Google would also like devs to use #throughglass tag when sharing Glass content for better "discoverability and aggregation." For email, the company suggests users use "Sent through Glass."

You can check out the complete Google Glass Branding Guidlines on the official Glass dev site.