Nvidia took the wraps off its new Tegra K1 SoC during last week's Consumer Electronics Show but apparently at least one system builder already had a working prototype on the show floor. Tom's Hardware stopped by Lenovo's booth and was fortunate enough to run some benchmarks on their Thinkvision 28 set for launch later this year.

Although Lenovo didn't come right out and say the Thinkvision 28 was equipped with a K1 chip, all of the winks and nods suggested that was the case. CPU Z wasn't much help either but judging by the benchmarks below, there could be no other mobile chip capable of turning in these sort of numbers at present.

In Futuremark's 3DMark test, the Tegra K1 dominated the competition - nothing else really even came close. It's a trend that carried over in GFXBench as well with the only victory (a narrow one at that) coming in AnTuTu where the Tegra 4 barely edged out the K1.

It's also worth noting that the chip in the Thinkvision 28 was only clocked at 2GHz, not the 2.3GHz that Nvidia claims the K1 can operate at. As such, the GPU's clock rate was probably lower than normal as well although polling its clock rate was inconclusive.

Other benchmarks out of China even suggest the K1 is capable of beating an Intel Haswell laptop with integrated graphics despite the fact that the notebook requires significantly more power. We have no way to validate these tests but at the very least, I'd say the results from Tom's Hardware are legit.