Google announced Tuesday the release of Chrome 32 for Windows, Linux and Mac. It's one of the biggest updates to the browser in recent times. Apart from security fixes, and stability and performance updates, the new version brings along many new and useful features including tab indicators for sound and video, a new look for Windows 8 Metro mode, improved malware blocking, the supervised users feature, and more.

Chrome 32 features new tab indicators for sound, webcam, and casting. If a tab is making a noise, the browser will now put a speaker icon in the tab. Similarly, it will put a red recording icon when a tab is using your webcam, and a blue TV icon when you're sending a tab to your Chromecast.

Another prominent feature is the browser's new look in the Windows 8 Metro mode. When running in this mode, the browser now looks like Google's browser-based Chrome OS. You can manage multiple windows and get to your favorite Chrome app with an integrated launcher.

The beta "supervised users" feature will allow parents to keep tabs on their kid's internet surfing activities. It lets you monitor browsing history, block specific sites, and approve which sites the user can see, all through The stable release also features an improved malware detector which automatically blocks known malicious files.

You can grab the latest release through the browser's built-in updater, or chose your operating system to download: Chrome for Windows, Mac or Linux.