Bugbear has had its share of problems with its newest racing project. The Flatout creator has been working tirelessly to breath life into "Next Car Game," its smash-em-up demolition racer that makes use of realistic collision and physics. So far we've seen a failed Kickstarter campaign, a sneak peek trailer, and a demo. Recently, the development team spruced up their website to hold their own crowd funding crusade, and now Bugbear is turning to Steam with a pre-release of its unnamed title to the masses.

The pre-release will set you back around $25. If you're a true Bugbear fanatic and are expecting something big from the veteran developer you might want to pony up for the $35 digital deluxe edition, which unlocks an exclusive in-game car, wallpapers and a soundtrack. Once pre-purchased, the game will show up in your Steam library, under the name "Next Car Game."

Many individuals may see this sudden move to Steam as a desperate attempt from the team to gain some funding, but according to the Early Access Disclaimer, this is a very community minded tactic. Bugbear notes that the pre-release experience will be full of bugs and nasty glitches, but is hopeful that a public perspective can help them iron out any issues during development. The team is hungry for feedback from gamers, and is confident that this pre-release will bring both funding and creative ideas. Bugbear wants to create an all-out racing game that is rejoiced by the gaming community, and they're asking for your help to do so.

You can pre-purchase the game here, and follow along with any major title updates through the Steam platform.