CyanogenMod announced Wednesday the release of its beta installer app for OS X, meaning Mac users can now easily flash their Android phones with the popular custom ROM from their MacBook. Previous to this, the installer was available for Windows only.

All you are required to do is enable USB debugging on your Android phone, connect it to your computer through USB, and then run the installer program. Beware of the fact that the installation process will wipe your data clean, and will void your Android device's warranty in most of the cases.

To grab the installer you'll need to join the CyanogenMod Installer for Mac Google+ community and follow the instructions listed under the 'About this community' sticky post. Make sure to check out the Supported Device list and FAQ first. This is a beta version, which means that there could be some rough edges, but should otherwise function normally.

CyanogenMod in November released an Android app on Google Play allowing anyone to easily install a custom ROM on their phones, but it was promptly removed due to a violation of Google Play developer terms. According to Google, the app encouraged users to void their warranty.

The CyanogenMod team raised $22 million in funding in December last year.