Recently we learned that the newest Hitman title was pulled from Square Enix Montreal. The good news is that the project wasn't scrapped, as some assumed when the announcement first appeared, it was just pushed back to IO Interactive. Now the developer is sharing a little more information regarding the next installment in the Hitman saga, which is planned to drop on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The iconic Agent 47 will return for the sixth title performing his duties for the ICA and working close with his handler, Diana Burnwood. This time around, the player will travel the globe instead of being tethered primarily to the United States, as was the case in Hitman: Absolution. The game will make use of the Glacier 2 engine, the same used on the production of Absolution. However, IO Interactive was adamant that their upcoming release will not be a re-hash. Development on next-gen consoles will allow larger, more detail oriented levels.

Fans of older Hitman titles like Blood Money and Contracts will be happy to know that IO Interactive is planning on drawing elements from these past successes. On an interesting note, developers are planning to scrap Agent 47's "magic pockets," which means players won't be able to carry a small arsenal of tools with them any longer. This will surely amp up the tactical aspect of the title, as you are forced to rely on strategy rather than tech aids.

Although Absolution was a hit-or-miss title with a lot if gamers, the community seemed relatively happy with Contracts mode. This mission creation system will make a return in Hitman 6 (title not verified) and will hopefully see some improvements and upgrades. We do not yet have a solid release date for this upcoming title, but IO Interactive states that it will be releasing more information regarding the project later this year.