Last summer, Yahoo managed to generate more web traffic than Google for the first time in two years. Many likely thought it was a fluke but as it turns out, that's not the case at all. According to comScore, Yahoo has finished ahead of Google for the past six months straight.

The latest monthly rankings reveal Yahoo finished the year just as strong as ever with 195.1 million unique visitors during the month of December while Google finished in second place with a respectable 192.3 million uniques. Microsoft, Facebook and AOL round out the top five web destinations with 175.2 million, 140.7 million and 120 million unique visitors, respectively.

As was the case back in July, the numbers are a bit skewed as Yahoo's figures don't include traffic from Tumblr. That platform finished the month in 30th place with 34.4 million unique visitors, down from around 38 million during the summer month.

It's worth pointing out, however, that comScore's statistics only represent traffic data from desktop PCs. Mobile traffic wasn't included in the report, we're told, which leaves out a huge user base of younger web users. Even still, it's all a bit impressive when you consider some of the issues the company faced late last year including a Mail mishap and issues with photo sharing site Flickr.

We will certainly keep an eye on comScore's monthly traffic rankings to see if Yahoo's good fortunes continue as we delve deeper into 2014.