Aereo has run into numerous problems since launching in February of 2012 but now the company is faced with an issue that many probably didn't foresee: they've run out of capacity in New York City and can no longer accept new customers.

DSLReports was the first to report the issue after trying unsuccessfully to set up a new account last night. The staffer was greeted with a message thanking him for his interest in Aereo but that they were currently sold out in New York.

In an e-mailed response on the matter, an Aereo spokesperson said they were fortunate to experience strong growth in all markets. What's more, the team has been working overtime to add more capacity to existing markets. As soon as additional capacity is added, new customers will be notified that they can sign up and create an account.

Aereo CEO Chaitanya Kanojia confirmed the setback earlier today via Twitter.

Running out of capacity isn't exactly a bad problem to have and if nothing else, it highlights the fact that their service is certainly in demand.

Of course, the timing may also have something to do the limited capacity as Super Bowl XLVIII is being played this Sunday at MetLife Stadium in nearby East Rutherford, New Jersey. There's little doubt that at least some New Yorkers may have signed up for Aereo just to tune in to the big game.