For a single day in February, up becomes down, black becomes white, and those things that we normally fast-forward through become things we actively seek out. Yep, it's Super Bowl time and everyone can't wait to see what commercials the mad men from Madison Ave have cooked up for us. Maybe the world is about to get its next Spuds McKenzie? Who knows! You can only find out if you watch the big game... or can you?!

Turns out, these companies, who have spent literally millions of dollars on these ads, know there is such a fervor for these 30-second epics that they've started leaking them on YouTube. So, even though it's playing right into the hands of "big advertising," here's a collection of those hotly sought-after ads


What have we learned? Dogs and horses are why Facebook offers the "it's complicated" option for relationship statuses.


What's the message? The generation of kids who grew up watching and loving The Matrix are now old enough --- and rich enough --- to buy luxury cars ... from Kia.


What's the message? That compromise is terrible ... unless it's for a really expensive car.


What's the message? VW has never been able to recapture the magic of that "Da Da Da" commercial. Also, we've learned that even in Germany, Germans speak English!

AXE Peace

What's the message? World peace means we all have to smell like your younger brother on his way to a frat party.

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups (Teaser)

What's the message? That everyone who wants to buy Butterfingers are already buying Butterfingers and no amount of Bart Simpson is going to change that. Therefore, Butterfinger better come up with new products to tap into new markets or risk a year without financial growth. (This is a situation called "market saturation." And now you've learned something!)

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt

What's the message? The generation of kids who grew up watching and loving Full House are now old enough --- and health-conscious enough --- to buy Greek yogurt.

Bud Light (Teaser)

What's the message? We miss the Bud Bowl.


What's the message? When it's the 20s and prohibition is in effect (an assumption based on the costuming choices), Pepsi is a great alternative to booze. Why not time-travel and bring along some Pepsi?!

Beats Music

What's the message? Beats Music is for super serious music-listeners and anyone who doesn't take music super seriously is unwelcome in the land of magical music.


What's the message? In this Super Bowl commercial contender, we have a much faster gag reflex than we thought. Blurgh.


What's the message? Hearing a Britt say "Jag-u-ahr" never gets old. Subtext: We won the American Revolution and we're never going to let you forget it, you villains!


What's the message? "The Dude" wants us to ogle ladies while driving because cars can apply their own breaks now. Ogle away!


What's the message? We're in for another resurgence of people thinking the "slow-clap" is funny. Great.


What's the message? Game the system by deliberately making an ad that'll be banned from airing at the game (for openly slamming Coke and Pepsi), and your ad will be seen by more people when it goes viral. Then re-submit an edited version (this time sans the competitor-slam) and you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Muppets Toyota

What's the message? Everyone who used to voice the Muppets when we were kids is dead.

Of course, this list is only a handful of all the ads that'll air during the big game, so there are plenty of surprises left in store. Now the big question: Do any of these ads actually make you want to buy stuff!?

Republished with permission. Jeff Somogyi is a Media Editor at dealnews.