When you use an Apple product, you use the company's hardware, operating system and software platforms. The Cupertino-based technology giant controls the entire customer experience, except for the way the content is delivered to its devices. But now it seems the company is planning to take control of this "last mile" too.

According to a report from analyst Dan Rayburn with Frost & Sullivan, Apple is planning to build its own content delivery network (CDN) to deliver large amounts of digital content like apps, software updates, and more, to its customers. Details are thin at this point, but the report says that the company has already hired many people who are experienced enough to build large-scale networks.

At present, Apple relies on Akamai and Level 3 for delivery of its content. Having their own content delivery network will not only provide them greater control and security, but will also help them deliver content as the company expands into TV space. Many big names like Google, Microsoft, and more have already brought much of their data delivery platforms in-house.

The report comes just a few months after Akamai, which has more of Apple's business than Level 3, announced that they were in contract renegotiation with their largest media customer (Akamai never mentions Apple by name), and that the negotiation would take place last quarter or the current one.

Apple declined to comment on the report.