A professional overclock from China that goes by the name of "Wytiwx" has managed to set a new record in HWBOT Prime. That'd be impressive enough on its own but it's even more astounding when you learn the task was done using an Intel Celeron 900 based on the Penryn microarchitecture.

After realizing that overclocked Penryn processors tend to post excellent scores in HWBOT Prime, Wytiwx found a Celeron 900 clocked at 2.2 GHz and mated it with a motherboard from a notebook. Using liquid nitrogen, the Chinese overclocker was able to push the front side bus (FSB) all the way up to 363 MHz which resulted in a 4 GHz clock speed.

This setup gave Wytiwx a new top score of 2,668.63 Primes per second (PPS) in the single CPU HWBOT Prime category. That tops the previous high score of 2,448.03 PPS from a Celeron LGA775 450 by a significant margin.

In a description alongside some included photos and screenshots, Wytiwx thanked people for the tip about 45-nanometer CPUs being good benchmark candidates and suggested that there could be more in the chip but a wall was hit.

The Celeron 900 was released in the first quarter of 2009 and features 1MB of L2 cache, an 800 MHz FSB and was built on the aforementioned 45-nanometer process. They carry a 35W maximum TDP and a $70 price tag according to Intel's spec sheet.