Philips is testing a new connected retail lighting system capable of communicating with shoppers via their smartphones. The idea is similar to Apple's iBeacon and others in that it will deliver targeted offers and other information based on a user's location.

Let's say you're in the supermarket and are planning to cook dinner for your significant other. You have a list of ingredients that need to be purchased but perhaps you don't where everything is in the store. Simply select the ingredients you need in the accompanying app.

The light fixture above will detect your location and give you directions around the store to gather each ingredient. Along the way, the app may provide coupons for items you are purchasing or even offer up a suggestion for a dessert based on what you are making for dinner.

Philips points out that unlike other solutions on the market, retailers won't need to invest in additional infrastructure to house, power and support location beacons for indoor positioning. Stores obviously need lighting which makes this a natural fit. The company also claims the system will benefit retailers by building customer loyalty and sales.

We're told that the system is being piloted with select retailers and is being demonstrated at Euroshop, the world's leading retail show, this week in Düsseldorf. No word yet on when a full rollout might happen or how much the system will cost to deploy, however.