Quizup, a trivia app that lets you compete against friends and other users, is now available on the Google Play Store. Developed by Plain Vanilla Games, the app made its iPhone debut last November, and quickly became a smashing hit.

Players can choose from hundreds of topics, including sports, TV shows, music, books, and more. Each topic contains seven multiple choice questions. While the first six questions are worth 20 points each, the last question is worth a maximum of 40 points.

It's a speed-based game, which means the faster you answer, the more you score, and the best part is that you are not out until a match is over. For each correct answer, you gain an Experience Point (XP). Collecting XPs moves you up to a higher level in each topic. There are also discussion boards for each topic as well as a chat feature to converse with other players.

You can sign-in using your email or Facebook/Google+ ID. "QuizUp is a hybrid between a game and a social network, that's why having a broad audience is important to us," said Thor Fridriksson, founder and CEO of Plain Vanilla Games. He said that the Android version has been in works even before the launch of the iOS app, adding that the delay was due to the "complexity of the platform and the company's limited resources".

Although the app boasts of more than 100 million users, its popularity has declined a bit. The app is currently at the 50th spot among free apps in Apple's App Store. The Iceland-based company received $22 million in funding last year.